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Turbo Trans-Am Vs. Supra Turbo
I can't tell which sound I like better, the V8 or the inline-6, but both are incredibly quick. Nevertheless, the Trans-Am seems to hook up much better than the Supra, so I guess independent rear suspension isn't always a blessing. Apparently the Trans-Am is running a 91mm turbo. Read More...

Pontiac Firebird Fans Find Life In Chevy Camaro
Although the Pontiac Firebird and Chevy Camaro shared many parts and components down through the years, the two GM models were rivals too. While Trans Am and Z28 fans may have respected each other, that deference was lost on the quarter mile. Somehow it didn't matter if both cars sported the same Corvette-based V8 engine or that they were built on the same Quebec assembly line - there was more at stake here - muscle car supremacy that could only be claimed by one. Read More...

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301 Turbo Tech
The turbo cars had an elaborate exhaust system the drove the turbo unit which sat right Read More...

Carpet Tech
Replacing the carpet in your car can really improve the look of the interior and make it a much better boulevard cruiser. In the case of my car, it will also smell better (or not as bad). Read More...

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